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Fiza Ali Will Get married - My Daughter & Allows Me To Work

In a candid interview with Urdu News, actress Fiza Ali spoke about the trials and tribulations of loneliness. She stressed the importance of...

In a candid interview with Urdu News, actress Fiza Ali spoke about the trials and tribulations of loneliness. She stressed the importance of standing on her own two feet and securing a secure future for her daughter, and was a passionate advocate of independence and education for her, stressing that building a fulfilling life should come before thinking about marriage.

Reflecting on her personal experiences, Ali shared, “The reason I can provide a comfortable life for my daughter today is because I worked hard and stood on my own two feet.

I'm not waiting for someone else to take care of us." She also talked about the importance of compatibility and mutual understanding in relationships, stressing the need for their voices to be heard.

The actress also shared how she firmly believes that if a woman's needs aren't being met, she shouldn't hesitate to end a relationship. She emphasized the importance of mutual consent and emphasized the negative impact of a broken marriage on children. “When a woman feels unheard, she feels the relationship must end to prevent further damage. The ones who suffer the most in a sour relationship are the children,” said Ali.

Fiza also shared her personal experiences from her past relationship and her insights on what makes or breaks a relationship. She revealed that although she and her partner were great friends, he never saw her as a wife. “While we were great friends, he never saw me as his wife.

I used to come back tired from shooting and I had no one to watch TV with, to feed cooked food with,” she said. She pointed out that when a relationship fails, it's not necessarily because of the other person's numerous faults, but rather because of a single habit that doesn't align with someone's preferences.

However, the actor shared that a failed relationship should not be seen as the end of the road. Instead, she advised people to look behind the closed door and look for the open window. She encouraged individuals to embrace new experiences and happiness that may come their way. "There's always a window behind that door." So leave the door closed and look at that window. Experience the kind of wind that blows from that window and the happiness you receive. Maybe a better person will enter your life next time," she added.

When asked if she plans to remarry, Ali stated that she would only marry someone who respects not only her but also her daughter and does not stand in the way of her career. "I will marry when I find someone who suits me and accepts my daughter Faral and allows me to work," she said.

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